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Below are the meaning of ATM Response codes :

00 Sucessful
01 Successful
50 Unauthorized Usage
51 Expired Card
52 Invaild Card
53 Incorrect PIN
54 Database Problem
55 Ineligiable Transaction
56 Inligiable Account
57 Transaction Not Supported
58 Insuficient funds
59 Insuficient funds
60 Usage Limit Exceeds
61 WDL Limit Would Be Exceeded
62 Pin Tries Exceeds
63 WDL AMT already reached
64 Invalid Credit Card Cash Advance
68 External Decline
70 System Error
71 Contact Card Issuer
72 Destination Not Available
73 Routing Loopback
74 Message Edit Error
76 Dormat Account
77 Account is locked
78 Inopeerative Account
79 Acct Not Connected to ATM Card
89 Acquirer limit exceeds
93 Minor Acct
94 Insuficiant Funds
95 Insuficient- mod-funds
96 Drawing Power
150 Blocked Card
ISO 87 Format(NFS/VISA/Mastercard) Response code Table
Response Code Description
-01 No Data found in DataBase
00 Approved
04 Capture Card / Pick up
05 Do Not Honor
06 Pin data not available(trying to validate offus cards pin)
07 Pick up, Special Conditions
12 Invalid Transaction
13 Invalid Amount(from issuer)
14 Invalid Card Number
15 Unknown issuer on switch
30 Format Error
33 Expired Card
34 Invalid Admin Pin
36 Restricted/Blocked Card
40 Function not supported(from network)code action 115
41 Lost Card, pick up
42 Invalid account
43 Stolen Card, pick up
51 Not sufficient funds
52 No chequing account
53 No savings account
54 Expired Card
55 Incorrect PIN
61 Exceeds Withdrawal Amount Limit
63 Security violation(TPK/Pin Block Mismatch)
65 Exceeds Withdrawal Frequency Limit
66 Capture Card ( call Acquirer security Dept)
67 Hard Capture ( to be picked at ATM)
68 Response Received too late
70 Transaction Cancelled due to Hardware error
71 FP authentication Failled.
72 RBI Mandate, Can’t withdraw more than 10,000 in one
75 Allowable PIN tries exceeded
89 unavailable cutoff reconciliation with member
90 Transaction Rejected (Cut-off in progress)
• Reversal
• Admin counter overflow
• partial Reversal
• Opcode mismatch
• BNA H/W error
91 • Issuer switch unavailable
• Pin block missing
• Routing not found
92 Financial Institution or Intermediate n/w facility can not
be found for routing
93 Transaction can not be completed( violation of law)
Admin invalid Pin
94 Duplicate Transaction
96 System Malfunction;
Database error from FNS
99 Time Out from switch.
163 cash problem[ incorrect denomination or less no of
available notes or amount exceeds
162 cash problem[ incorrect denomination or less no of
available notes or amount exceeds
4100 Reversal
1000 Supply low cash dispense

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